As the weather wakes up from its winter slumber, the sky gives way to the  occasional shower and the foliage brightens up with dazzling pastel colours. 


Once the heat takes hold, spectacular sun-filled days feel perfect for  outdoor play, patio drinks and good eats, or relaxing on one of our sandy beaches. 


 Be surrounded by the crisp cool air and stunning fall shades that fill our parks  and trails. It’s easily the most comfortable time to be in Niagara. 


 A wonderland of cozy days and weekends best spent by a warm fire after  skating with the kids or entertaining them at a frosty festival event.


The southernmost part of the Niagara region is situated on and near the shores of Lake Erie. The tempering effect of this Great Lake keeps the surrounding area at a moderate temperature throughout the year. While summers are warm (average 21°C/70°F) and winters are cool (average -2°C/28°F), the high moisture content in the air contributes to high summer humidity and heavy winter snowfall.

Four distinct seasons to plan your next visit around.

The South Coast’s geographical location sits just below the Niagara Escarpment, a World Biosphere Reserve and unique appellation that adds a well-defined and refreshing style to the region’s famous wines. The silty clay soil that covers our agricultural land is most commonly used for grain farming and floriculture production.