ariel view of Wainfleet Long Beach


Encounter simple rural living at its finest in this quaint community located on the north shore of Lake Erie. With so many great opportunities to escape the ordinary, it’s no wonder Wainfleet is a natural choice for a family getaway. No two days are ever the same. Then, during the twilight hours, the absolute highlight has to be watching thousands of twinkling stars dance in the sky above.

Reconnect with nature like never before. Whether that’s feeling the magnetic pull of the various conservation areas or getting in some light exercise on one of the scenic trails, there’s no shortage of things to appreciate. It’s where laidback meets out-of-the box. Wainfleet is truly a reward for those with open minds and restless curiosities.

About Wainfleet

Embraces every sense of adventure from beginning to end

Named by Lieutenant-Governor John Graves Simcoe after a town in his native England, Wainfleet first appeared on a map of Upper Canada in 1798. It was strictly an agricultural area for new settlers to farm oat, wheat and dairy in its early days. While it is still a farming community today, Wainfleet has evolved into so much more. Having a unique appeal all its own, the township and its name have become synonymous with cottage country. If visitors aren’t seeking refuge near the water, they’re usually taking to the skies to freefall from 14,000 feet. Now, there’s something to cross off the bucket list.

Wainfleet Highlights

Boasting two top-rated beaches and a pair of stunning spots at the Chippawa Creek and Long Beach conservation areas, Wainfleet is a haven for any beach lover. Look to extend your stay overnight by gathering some supplies and pitching a tent close to the shores of Lake Erie. For those happiest with a solid roof over head, rent a charming cottage for the week.

Head out in the afternoons to spot exposed animal and plant fossils from the Paleozoic Era at the Wainfleet Wetlands. Otherwise, celebrate the rural lifestyle by rediscovering a traditional society that’s still preserving its heritage and growing organically. Anyone with interests in genuine country experiences is sure to win over the locals.


Long Beach Conservation Area

One of the South Coast’s best kept secrets, this one-of-a-kind conservation area is a go-to place for swimming, sunbathing, fishing, sailboarding or jet-skiing. With 225 serviced and unserviced campsites, the campgrounds sell out in a hurry every year. Don’t put off booking a memorable stay amidst the soothing sounds of bird songs and gentle waves.

sign - Palcso Blacksmith Shop at Marshville heritage Village

Marshville Heritage Village

A visit to this centuries-old village offers a inside look at pioneer life. Experiential programming teaches about trading and bartering in the general store, cutting logs into lumber at the steam-powered Dean sawmill, the art of weaving clothes inside the Zavitz-Reeb stone house, and metalworking to forge tools and weapons at the blacksmith shop.

Wainfleet bog conservation area

Wainfleet Bog Conservation Area

Part of the only bog wetland in Niagara and the largest remaining bog within southern Ontario, it provides habitat to a variety of unique plants and animals. Trails and boardwalks guide you through this wild and wonderful place. Its peat layer contributes significantly to the land’s environmental value, making it distinct from other bogs.