Discover everything that Niagara’s South Coast has to offer through its lovely towns and cities. Dedicate time to exploring one of them intensively, or try and cover off the whole stretch in just a few days. Our welcoming residents are here to make sure you have a positive experience, no matter what you decide to do. They are also the best people to ask for advice and directions.


Fort Erie

Known for its sandy beaches, historic sites and Indigenous cultural events, Fort Erie is a sightseeing marvel for every age. With small town charm and big city bustle, there’s no end to the variety on offer. Fort Erie holds a trove of hidden gems that most first-time visitors miss. Uncover them all during your next visit.

Port Colborne

The only location along the Welland Canal to follow the waterway’s original route, Port Colborne exudes coastal flair. Rich history and vibrant culture flourish in this day-trip draw. As well as being steeped in marine heritage, it boasts wonderful shopping, dining and outdoor activities. Stroll or cycle to every attraction for the full effect.


Find yourself in picturesque conservation areas that are ideal for a family camping trip. Wainfleet is an easy drive to the larger towns and cities in the area, making it the perfect spot to start a South Coast getaway. Grounded in rural tradition, the laidback ambience and rustic landscape are tough to beat.


There’s no better way to spend the early hours of the morning than buying fresh-
picked local produce and amazing seasonal creations. Niagara’s South Coast is home to four farmers’ markets, each showcasing the best their area has to offer. From farm-to-table and field-to-fork, enjoy homegrown agriculture from late spring to early fall.


Hosted on Thursdays throughout the summer from 4 to 9 p.m. at Waterfront Park in Crystal Beach, join the hundreds chowing down on dishes served up by a variety of local food trucks like Your Farm Gate Butcher Shop and Bakery, Courtney’s Crêpes, and Lama Ridgeway.

Canal Days Marine Heritage Festival

Port Colborne’s signature annual event is a celebration of the Welland Canal, tall ships, lakers and vessels of all descriptions. Walk the Port Promenade along West Street for everything from local shops and small vendors to art activities and live music. It’s city-wide fun for everyone!


Step back in time to see costumed interpreters re-enact a crop harvest with horse-drawn carriages, woodworking instruments used in a traditional lumber mill, and tools forged in a blacksmith’s shop. Pioneer-era buildings scatter the festival grounds in Wainfleet and are joined by more than 100 displays of extraordinary artisan crafts.

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