Summer Lives on in Niagara’s South Coast

The end of August doesn’t mean the end of summer, even though almost everyone would agree the two go together like sun and sand. Nothing reminds us of this more than those obnoxious back-to-school commercials. Here in Niagara’s South Coast, we refuse to accept that the fun is done. We won’t let the door slam shut on summer just because Labour Day has passed, and neither should you.

Mother nature is famous for pushing the summer heat into September for as long as she can. Her devious scheme to give us FOMO because we’re stuck at work or in school seems cruel, doesn’t it? Actually, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Popular beaches in Niagara’s South Coast, like Bay Beach, Nickel Beach and Long Beach, stay open to the public well past the month of August. While breaking away from your daily beat to sit on the beach is easier said than done, you still have the choice to make it happen.

One thing that never changes with the seasons is the urge to shop. Browse racks and racks of unique designer pieces at The Village Boutique and The Three Ferrises in Ridgeway, where VIP attention from the store owners will ensure you find that something special. Heading west down Highway 3 to Port Colborne, a stop at Ridgeway Lavender will indulge your senses like you wouldn’t believe. The beautifully aromatic plant is grown on a family-run farm and infused into everything from essential oils and soaps to bouquets and sprays.

L Carr Designs showcases a dazzling display of silver jewellery from a delightful countryside studio in Wainfleet. If you time it right, you may even get the chance to participate in a jewellery making workshop from the silversmith herself. Granted there are rows of stylish shops to check out at Seaway Mall, picking up a souvenir at Welland’s Central Music is guaranteed to bring you more joy than a keychain or coffee mug.

Don’t be in a rush to pack away the clubs just yet. We’re thrilled to have added a new 18-hole championship course this year with the opening of Niagara National Golf & Country in Stevensville. Book a tee time there for a solid test of skill, or play a round at your pick of several other public courses, especially Cardinal Lakes Golf Club, Whisky Run Golf Club, Pelham Hills Golf Club, Port Colborne Country Club and Long Beach Country Club.

With the regular season now complete, missing out on a Welland Jackfish Baseball Club playoff game isn’t even an option. Before heading to the stadium, or The Pond, as fans prefer to call it, head on over to the Welland Recreational Canal and paddle the hours away in a rental canoe, kayak or paddleboard. Warm summer breezes won’t last forever, so it’s best to make the most of them before the cool ones start to blow in.

Every year when Labour Day hits, tons of people suddenly cash in on their summer and move on. What a big mistake that is. Fretting over the loss of another summer isn’t going to change the fact that there’s still more of it to enjoy. We hope you take inspiration from the experiences presented above and stayed tuned for future posts with other great ideas on things to do in Niagara’s South Coast.