Spend a day or two travelling on country roads through lush farms and rocky coastlines, where you will visit studios and galleries showcasing Niagara-inspired artists and photographers. There is no shortage of history to learn and culture to experience.



Step back in time and experience the sights and sounds of a fort under siege at Old Fort Erie – a War of 1812 National Historic Site. Join First Nations, British, and American soldiers on a tour of the grounds and learn more about Niagara’s pivotal role in the war.


Constructed in 1918 and located on the rocky North shore of Lake Erie, the Point Abino Lighthouse is a national historic site that is recognized for its unusual shape, classical detailing, and efficiency of structural design. Guided tours available throughout the summer.

Port Colborne Historical & Marine Museum

Port Colborne Historical & Marine Museum

The landscaped setting at this century-old heritage site features historic gardens, picket fences, pathways, and a pavilion with picnic tables and park benches. The main exhibit gallery is housed in the Williams Home, a Georgian-Revival style building from 1869 that showcases the history of Port Colborne and the Welland Canal through dynamic and diverse exhibits.

Fort Erie Historical Museum

Fort Erie Historical Museum

Experience the rich archeological significance of Fort Erie as you delve into the captivating history and vibrant stories of its places and people. Explore the Museum’s programs, research facilities, exhibits, and gift shop, showcasing the Fenian Raids, Community History, First Nations, and the remarkable contributions Made in Fort Erie.

The Sanctuary Centre for the Arts


Get ready to be swept off your feet! Immerse yourself in the world of entertainment as Niagara’s South Coast brings you some of the most talented artists and performers from all corners of the country. Whether you’re a theatre enthusiast, a comedy lover, or a music aficionado,The Sanctuary Centre for the Arts in Ridgeway and Lighthouse Festival at Roselawn Centre in Port Colborne are your go-to locations for an unparalleled arts experience.

Lighthouse Festival - Hurry Hard (2019)
Cast: James Hawksley, Adrian Shepherd-Gawinski, Susie Burnett, Daniela Vlaskalic & Bruce Davies

Gongoozling Spots

Imagine witnessing massive ships gracefully pass into Lake Erie, creating an awe-inspiring sight that will leave you breathless. But that’s not all! Just a stone’s throw away lies Lock 8 Gateway Park, where you can enjoy a unique perspective from an elevated viewing platform as ships navigate through the southernmost lock on the Welland Canal. It’s not just any lock either – it’s the second longest canal lock in the world!

Creative Arts

Meet local artisans and community creatives – like South Niagara Artistswho have perfected their craft, offering you a unique chance to connect, learn, and support their talents. At L Carr Designs in Wainfleet and ALKS Jewellery in Crystal Beach, your metalsmith pours their passion and dedication into each piece, leaving you with an exceptional, cherished keepsake. No road trip is complete without a souvenir.

Waterfront Wonders

The Mewinzha Archaeology Gallery, located in the atrium of the Peace Bridge Authority Administration building, harmoniously weaves captivating narratives of vibrant Indigenous history, artistry, and cultural heritage. Its artifacts, discovered during the building’s construction, shed light on the rich history of the First Peoples who inhabited the area, engaged in trade, and established a flint-knapping industry.


A strange phenomenon in Port Colborne produced by the interplay between light, water, and trees


A beautiful monument dedicated to the architect of the Peace Bridge and surrounded by manicured gardens


Delve into a world of family traditions as you meet local farmers with an undeniable passion for their crops


Outdoor exhibit and National Historic Site commemorating the 1866 battle