Food & Drink

Farm-to-table, field-to-fork and grain-to-glass, Niagara’s seasonal flavours provide extensive pick-your-own experiences. In season, local farmers show their homegrown pride at the four markets taking place weekly throughout the South Coast. Restaurants, bistros, pubs, cafes and food trucks offer palate-pleasing menus that often change with the season.


Craft Bevvies

If you enjoy sampling local craft beverages, Go Sip Niagara features craft breweries, local cider and distilling. Visit Breakwall Brewing in Port Colborne and Brimstone Brewing in Ridgeway.

Brimstone is known for their powerful IPAs at 7-8.4% ABV. Or, the lighter Heavenweiss is super refreshing on the patio. The menu is sourced locally and spent grain as well as beer is used in many of their dishes. For smokehouse fans, Brimstone smokes the majority of their vegetables and meats on-site. This is a perfect complement to any craft beverage.

Breakwall Brewing keeps it interesting by always trying new hops, malts, yeasts and challenging their own brewing techniques. Thirsty and a local history enthusiast? Breakwall Brewery is known for paying tribute to the past by incorporating iconic or historically significant images on their beer cans as well as offering iconic fare from the area in their full service restaurant. Be sure to try the Gravelly Bay Series!

Pint glass in foreground with can in background from Breakwall Brewing Company
Coffee at Café

Cafe culture

Take in the sights and sounds at one of many independent cafes where fancy hot frothy caffeinated beverages are a work of art. Join the brunch bunch and try coffee houses, bakeries and patios from Market Cafe to The Pie Guys Bakery & Cafe in Port Colborne. Tea lovers will enjoy Benedict’s or a beach cafe like the Crystal Ball in Crystal Beach.

scones and coffee
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bowl of food
chicken with pea pods and plantains or bananans
breakfast food
craft beverage